SAFETY is Our #1 Core Value.


The philosophies of “target zero incidents” and a “drug-free workplace” are our fundamental ideals. Because of our efforts, we have created an award-winning safety program that enables us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by providing continuing support, education, training and technical expertise regarding safety.


Elements of Our Safety Program Include:


   A formal corporate safety policy that is fully endorsed by

   executive management.

   A comprehensive up-to-date accident prevention plan manual.

   Training that includes a professional orientation video, written

   examination for certification, safety handbook, and an

   additional in-depth job site orientation program.

   A management performance appraisal system that includes

   standards of safety performance.

   Safety cost-accountable programs.

   A formal substance abuse prevention program.

   A formal supervisor and employee safety training program.

   Written safety responsibilities by job title.

   A formal staff of safety professionals.

   Safety incentive programs.

   Safety awareness programs.

   A corporate safety audit process.


A DRUG-FREE Workplace is a Healthy Workplace.


   PAS has a comprehensive substance abuse prevention

   program for which employee participation is required.

   Employees receive extensive information on the effects of

   usage and abuse, as well as usage prevention methods.

   Supervisory personnel receive comprehensive training in

   behavior observation and job performance assessment of

   their employees.

   All employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing (pre-

   employment, random, periodic (annual), reasonable suspicion,

   post-accident and follow-up).

   Medical referral for the assessment and treatment of

   substance abuse.


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